Static Revival

Thank You For Being You

About Static Revival:

Static Revival blends southern inspired Indie Rock with philosophical and emotional concepts; creating honest and passionate music that is both thought provoking and deeply resonant.

Hailing from Nashville, TN. Static Revival is a band with a mission: to impart wisdom, promote positive energy, and be a force of good in this world. The songs they create break down complicated emotions – both sonically and lyrically – resulting in a track-by-track catalog of human thought that offers reassurance, alternate perspectives, and a nod of “Yes, we’ve been there too.” The band plays with unrivaled passion and intensity, putting everything on the table and leaving nothing behind. Listeners can expect a immersive, multidimensional experience that is equally as catchy as it is compelling.

Recorded at Nashville’s House of Blues Studios, Static Revival’s 6-song EP “Gilding the Lily” serves to remind you of what you already knew – that you are perfect exactly as you are. The upbeat and sublimely soulful “Vista” suggests looking at yourself from a different angle; insisting that you cannot truly love anything in this world until you love yourself first. The beautifully encouraging “Whole” warns you against being your own worst enemy, while offering solace in its affirmation: “…just so you know, you are already whole.” Produced by Ronnie Thomas and Executive Producer Denver Cavins, “Gilding the Lily” is an expertly executed look into each member’s personal journey and the ensuing revelations that came with the healing passage of time. It is a journal of things they’ve felt – things we’ve all felt – but with a lasting sense of resolution, peace, and bravery.

Static Revival is:

Drew Uldrich

Tyler Grooms

Jon Mann

Cody Wilson

Thank You for Being You.